Babblabs is a classic Silicon Valley startup - a brilliant group with deep experience and singular focus on solving hard and important problems, to benefit users and wider society.  We offer decent salaries, competitive benefits and very significant stock options for the women and men with the right skills, attitude and passion for contribution.  If you join us, we can guarantee both big professional challenges and real impact in shaping a great new company.  More important you will have one of the most satisfying experiences of your career.

Marketing Manager The Babblabs Marketing Manager will develop the program for visibility of the company on the web, especially in the cloud-based applications community.  This person will design a program for systematically enriching the content of the Babblabs website, create a master plan highlighting emerging company mission, technology and products, and help craft our story around speech applications.   This person will also design and execute on efforts to raise the profile of our products in the cloud application developer community, especially around speech and audio-based cloud applications, leveraging cloud applications ecosystems like AWS Marketplace, organizing  participation in meet-ups, hackathons, and seminars, and designing a social media program to reach out to developers.  The Marketing Manager will work with the product development team to design and implement methods to assess usage, gather feedback, try alternative business models and collect data on desirable product enhancements.  The Marketing Manager will work with engineering to identify media data collection methods that accelerate the Babblabs data corpus and that comply with all relevant privacy and data ownership principles.  

Key skills and experience should include

  • 5 years experience in marketing, including at least two years working on market development for cloud based products aimed at cloud developers
  • Demonstrable skills and experience in market visibility for professional products using social media and the web
  • Close familiarity with cloud-based business models and delivery mechanisms 
  • Track record of versatile management of outside teams and partners, and close collaboration with internal and external technical groups
  • Excellent spoken and written English skills and organizational capability
  • A bachelor's or masters degree in a field relevant to marketing and technology

Senior Speech Recognition Architect Use mastery of neural network speech semantics algorithms to solve a wide span of key speech challenges

Key skills and experience should include
  • Strong programming skills in matlab, python, C 
  • Significant experience in audio signal processing especially in automatic speech recognition
  • Hands-on development experience in a major deep learning framework - e.g. TensorFlow, MxNet, Python, Caffe, MatConvNet
  • PhD in EE/CS plus at least three years experience
  • Strong spoken and written English skills

Cloud Backend Architect Architect and develop cloud APIs and infrastructure for our speech algorithms. Support scaling, monetization, usage capture and proliferation across cloud services

Key skills and experience should include
  • Development and deployment of cloud service APIs for both streaming and non-real-time applications
  • Experience with large-scale production systems
  • Experience in API monetization methods and deployments
  • Knowledge of best practices in databases, data logging, monitoring and data protection of cloud-based applications and experience in implementation
  • Knowledge of best practices in package testing, release and update for cloud APIs
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree and five years experience in building server- and cloud-based systems
  • Strong spoken and written English skills

Senior Software Systems Architect
Architect and build the core system software structure for the Babblabs speech environment.  Define the principles for interfaces, speech corpus databases, deep learning transactions and user personalities.  Lead implementation of the system, including optimization for performance, robustness, fairness and security.

Key skills and experience should include
  • Demonstrated programming wizardry in modern prototyping and deployment languages
  • Experience in architecting large software systems, especially systems distributed between cloud and embedded devices
  • Outstanding track-record in system performance optimization
  • Strong interest - but not necessarily deep experience - in leading deep learning systems and in advanced speech processing algorithms.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree and ten years experience in building complex software systems
  • Strong spoken and written English skills

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